How to make dreadlocks

The key to easy-to-maintain locks is good, clean sectioning. Sections make round dreads. Between 1" and 2" squares works well for most people. Smaller sections make thinner dreads.It is very important as I make dreadlocks in different types of hair and after the treatment a lot of people are surprised how 'thick' their hairstyle is.

  • thickness, length are estabilished individually;
  • I use a dread comb ( very thick) and a crochet hook to make dreadlocks;
  • the minimal length of hair is at least 8-10cm;
  • after backcombing the dreadlocks are shortened more less 3-7cm;
  • it takes me 6-9hrs to make 'a head'.
  • you can choose types of tips : round or pointed. They are made by a crochet hook not to untangle.


    Making dread on whole head, from own hair

    Length 6-15cm 250-300 zł
    Length 15-30cm 300-350 zł
    Length 30-50cm 350-400 zł
    Length 50-100cm 400-450 zł
    Length 100-140cm 500-600 zł
    The prices of different types of (dread)hairstyle are determined individually.