Dreadlock extensions

If you are not patient enough to grow your hair I offer you dreadlock extensions. Dread after dread, an amount of hair is chosen that matches the width of the dread exactly. This hair is then divided up into smaller strands, and worked, hair by hair, into the dread using a crochet needle. It has to be at least 5-7 cm to be dreadable, and to create a stable foundation which can support the weight of the dread extensions. You are free to choose the length, size, colour and style of your extensions. You can also choose the material for dread extensions: real hair, synthetic hair, real looking dreads, I do not use the glue! It takes me 10-14hrs to make 'a head'.


Dreadlock extensions ( both natural and synthetic)

The price depends on the thickness, length, types and amounts of dreadlocks. The prices are determined individually. There are estimated prices:

Adding synthetic dreadlock extensions to existing dreads:

Length 10-20cm 500 zł
Length 20-30 cm 600 zł
Length 30-40cm 700 zł
Length 40-50cm 800 zł
Length 50-70cm 900 zł

Extending existing dreads

The prices are also determined individually. Approx prices:
40 szt. dreads, dług.20 cm. 400 zł
40 items of dread lenght 30-40 cm. 500 zł
50-60 items of dread lenght 20 cm. 450-500 zł
50-60 items of dread lenght 30-40cm 500-600 zł
Extensions with natural hair.(Mean cost of natural hair for whole head is around 1000-1200 zł). Please contact me for details.