Dreadlock repair and reconstruction

I have seen so many hopeless cases that I am able to deal with the dreadlocks in the worst condition. If your dreadlocks are getting a little out of hand visit me and I will reconstruct and repair your hairstyle.

Dreadlock repair:

  • matting between locks;
  • major joining;
  • undreaded sections;
  • irregularities in shape;
  • damaged tips.

Root maintenance:

  • sectioning;
  • getting a grip;
  • palm rolling;
  • crocheting.


I also split a dread into two to make them thinneror join two dreads into one to make them thicker and rounder


The prices of dreadlock repair and reconstruction. Approx 25zł/hour.

The prices depend on time and conditions of dreadlocks

1 hour 50.00 zł
2 hour 65.00 zł
3 hour 80 zł
4 hour 100.00 zł
5 hour 125.00 zł
6 hour 150 zł
When the repair and reconstruction are made by 2 people the time of them is shortened and the price is 50% higher.
The standard repair of a full head lasts 3-4h, neglected dreadlocks 5-6h. There are exceptional situations when dreads are very dowdy then it takes more less 8h to repair them. Contact me to get more info.
For unusual projects feel free to contact me in person.