Products and Accesories.

I also offer a few types of products ( lets dred, stylin dredzzz) which help us make our dreadlocks beautiful. The cosmetics are produced in Africa and South America. What is more, they are not tested on animals.

  • dread shampoo- It leaves hair truly clean allowing dreads to tighten completely looking full and healthy. It also helps dreads get tighter than they otherwise could by removing residue from the strand themselves.

  • dread conditioner- anti-dandruff or classic. It helps dreads grow and does not let them untangle.

  • dread wax- it is very useful for starting dreadlocks in straight hair textures that need lots of hold, but it is often thicker than necessary and hard to apply to highly textured hair types.

  • anti-dandruff cream- it can play a preventative role; it is designed for dreadlocks.

  • dread freshmaker: it levels smell which is absorbed by dreadlocks

  • dread accesories: I also offer beads (plastic or wooden), hats or bands.