Making of dreads is my profession and I am involved with them for 20 years. Turning of dreads is very serious work for me. I offer a professional performance of dreads with all types of hair.


My first experiences with making dreadlocks date back to the early 90s, when hardly anyone in Poland had dreads. I made first dreadlocks for my friends, who through the grapevine informed other people about me. In this way my adventure with dreadlocks began. I am dealing with the profession for about 20 years. During this time I made dreads for over 1500 people.


I guarantee professional and durable preparation of dreads. I also make single dreadlocks, crusts and hair attachment in various colors.

Service / Repair

Moreover, I ensure the service of your dreads: fixes, tightening, thickening and regeneration of dreadlocks and cosmetics to them. I make dreads primarily in Wroclaw in my studio, but there is the possibility of going to the customer.

Author pic.1 Isabell Von Vixen, Model: Venus